M&T Correspondent Lending Center
Business to Business Lending Center
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  1. What is a MEME broker administrator? 
    Each company requires a MEME broker administrator. This person enjoys enhanced MEME access with the ability to:
    - Create new user accounts
    - Reset passwords
    - Run company level pipeline reports
    - Reassign loans within the company
    Please see the broker administrator desk-side guide for information on initial office set-up and maintenance.

  2. What is the MEME InfoCenter? 
    MEME’s InfoCenter is a convenient online library that provides access to M&T product information, forms & exhibits, rate sheets, product announcements, M&T University class schedules, free marketing support and much, much more.

  3. Where can I turn for help? 
    Questions about MEME? Call 800-378-7212 and select option #3 for assistance.